Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The annoyance of Dramiels

     I had a bit of fun a few days ago with a little fleet in a nearby system.  There was a Dramiel that was afk and MWDing into infinity.  Now, generally speaking, going afk in a non cloaking ship spells certain death.  However, this particular pilot lucked out as there were no other pilots around that could catch this little bugger.  Now, the Dramiel pilot was afk for at least a couple hours.  You would think that this wouldn't be a problem, but it was.  He was traveling at 6572m/s. 

     In our quest to capture this little bugger, I did a bit of EFT warrioring.  Browsing through interceptors with max skills I was unable to locate a single interceptor that could catch this thing without overheating.  We tried several different methods to catch this guy.  Some tried sniper fits, but they couldn't get a lock before he got out of range.  We finally did find someone that could catch him... Another Dramiel pilot.  Unfortunately, the guy came back from his afk just as we were set up to catch him, he warped to a safe spot and logged off.

Now, I'm NOT suggesting that the Dramiel needs a nerf because of this.  There will always be a ship that is faster than another.  What I am really curious about is if anyone else has had this type of situation, and how you handled it.